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You can sit back and relax over the Christmas period by pre-planning and scheduling your Christmas social media content.

I’m obsessed with pre-planning Christmas. I order all my presents in October, plan what we are going to eat, stock up on Christmas chocolate and treats and get the gravy, Christmas pudding and cakes about the way in November.

The goal with all this planning?

Ultimate relaxation.

Actually, that never works. I just end up planning the next year over Christmas.

But for those of you who like getting ahead, read on to find out how you can get ahead of your content marketing before Christmas hits.

Check Answer the Public, Google Trends and Pinterest Trends to see what people are searching for, their common questions and what interests them right now.

Use these to help craft your content for your blog posts, social media posts and stories.

Once you have your ideas, plan out your blog posts and get them drafted and scheduled to publish automatically over the holiday.

Create Evergreen Christmas Content

If you have a blog post, you could create an evergreen post.

Evergreen means that the post will ALWAYS be relevant and is not tied to a particular year.

Are there topics you could create that will stand the test of time?

Bulk Create Your Graphics

Use online graphics tools like Canva to bulk create your Christmas graphics, showcase products or make animated videos.

If you use Canva Pro, you can easily resize one graphic to other formats. Your square Instagram graphic can be magically resized into a Pinterest Pin, Story, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog post and more!

Why not create a Christmas themed board for your Pinterest Business account and schedule your content using Tailwind.

Make some Christmas themed GIFs

Gifs are super easy to create if you use Canva Pro and the Animate feature.

Or you can select from their animated graphics and add an extra dimension to your social media posts.

Macys have a whole stash of holiday themed gifs in their GIPHY account.

This GIF from Starbucks that was posted on Twitter in December 2020, was such a simple GIF – but helped them get engagement from their customers.

Questions like “Tell us X using emojis,” or “Tell us X and we’ll tell you Y” are great ways to build engagement on Twitter.

Create eBooks

Have a load of social media top tips posts, recipes or ideas you could collate? Why not make an eBook that you can give to your subscribers.

Bulk create your videos

Use platforms like Biteable or Canva to create quick Christmas videos or short tutorials.

These could be videos showcasing your top Christmas gifts, promotions or just sending a thank you message to your clients or Office Party invites.

Why not make a 12 days of Christmas series for your YouTube Channel?

Or why not record some behind the scenes videos of your staff prepping, or packing orders?

Utilise the new Pinterest Idea Pins to create a series of daily inspirational tips, ideas or DIYs for 24 days in December.

Or what about some Christmas top tips.

With Biteable, you can easily resize your videos into portrait format for Stories, Video Pinterest Pins and square for Facebook and Twitter.

Plan your Christmas Content Campaigns

If you want to run an ad on Facebook, plan it in advance to coincide with any other marketing materials or social media you have.

There are some good Facebook advertising courses you can take that cover campaign structure, ads manager and how to set up your ads. They also offer 1:1 calls as well to help you get started.

If you are running a sale, remember to have posts that remind people that it’s live, and other posts announcing how many days are left, and the final day.

Also, think about updating your Twitter or Facebook banners to include your Christmas promotions. Starbucks did this in 2020 with their Red Cups campaign and have already updated their banner for Halloween and coordinated their social media content to match.

Make people aware of any Christmas hashtags

If you’re planning a campaign and want customer engagement, consider promoting and making people aware of any custom hashtags.

Top tip: Make sure that hashtag isn’t already in use and unique.

Use Schedulers to publish your Christmas Content in advance

There are so many social media schedulers that you can use.

  • Later
  • Hootsuite
  • Social Pilot
  • Agora Pulse

and even CANVA!

My personal favourite is Buffer because it’s free for your first three accounts, and you can add “alt-text” to your images and video titles. However, if you want to schedule Stories, you’ll need to go PRO.

Sprout Social is great for agencies, as it allows you to duplicate content to other platforms and has a good workflow system for approvals.

Don’t forget Facebook Business Suite. If you are just on Facebook and Instagram, then you can schedule content from Business Suite to go out on both platforms.

If you use Pinterest, then check out Tailwind to schedule all your pins across the holiday period.

Repurpose Content from Last Christmas

Re-gift your audience content from last Christmas.

There’s no point letting it go to waste if it’s still relevant.

Try publishing it in a new format, with a new frame, or turning it into an animation, video or blog.


Hopefully, these tips will help you get ahead with your Christmas social media and Christmas content so you can sit back and sip that egg nog without a care in the world.

Except for making a start on next year’s content.