If you have minimal time to spend then yes, outsourcing can help.

Keeping on top of social media marketing trends, scheduling content across all platforms, writing SEO friendly blog posts, and creating eye-catching visuals and videos can be very time-consuming.

Outsourcing your content marketing can save you time, save you effort and help you focus on building your business.

Read on to find out how an outsource marketing consultant could help you.

Find the right words to sell your products/service

Coming up with exactly what to say to sell yourself and your business can be hard – especially if you are in the nitty-gritty of it all.

Having an outsider view your business and view it from the perspective of a customer, can help craft EXACTLY the right words for your marketing.

We sell balloons – becomes – create memories with balloons and add some magic to your big day.

Coming up with ideas for blog posts also requires effort. You may have lots of ideas, but that may not match up with what people are looking for.

Using tools like Answer the Public and Ubersuggest can find the blog titles that will bring people to your website.

Stay on brand across your channels

An outsourced marketing consultant will be laser-focused on your brand and your brand messaging.

I always ensure I have a set of brand guidelines for each client, which details the typography used, colour palettes and even what type of imagery best works with their business.

We also agree on the tone for marketing materials and the phrasing used for call to actions.

Have more time to engage with customers

Engagement is the one area an outsourced marketing consultant will not be able to help you with.

I can only ghost write so far, but engaging with customers on your niche subject is something that only you and your employees will do best.

I can write the copy, create the graphics and help you stand out, but those conversations that are going to develop into qualified leads is up to you.

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Save effort on learning new skills

Social media is constantly changing and new features are being released all the time, which require continual upskilling to master.

To help stand out online, you need creative content that engages with your customers.

For most platforms, this means VIDEO!

If you are busy running your business, learning how to be a video editor, can be a step too far.

Now, there are LOADS of easy to use video editing tools, like Canva, Biteable and Promo, but even then, it can take a good hour to edit just 30 seconds.

With the majority of people scrolling with the sound off, it’s also useful to have captions embedded on your video. Again – more time and effort. But check out the results if you do!

Get high-quality assets for your business

An outsourced marketing consultant can help you create high-quality, reusable assets for your business.

I like to work with Canva, as I can create a suite of graphics that can be easily resized for any channel. Plus the collaborative elements of the tool mean I can share them with you and your employees to use as well.

Having branded templates for your marketing materials, e.g., brochures, flyers, company documents will give you a more polished edge.

If you regularly record video, a consultant can help you re-edit it for Reels, or teasers for your blog page.

Or if you already have a lot of social media posts, a marketing consultant could help you transform them into a lead generation checklist, an eBook or a blog post.

Save money hiring a full time marketer

If you don’t have the budget to hire someone full time, hiring an outsourced marketing consultant can save you a lot of money.

In just a few hours a month, you could have your whole social media content planned out and scheduled and blogs ready to go.

Save time optimising your content for search

I know, writing the blog is the easy part. Making sure it has the right header tags, alt text for the images, keyword-rich text and a compelling meta description are the hard and time-consuming parts.

Once your content is out there, you want to make sure it is working hard for you.

A marketing consultant will be able to check that you have a good number of internal links in your blog posts, syndicate your content to your LinkedIn company page or as an article on your personal page, or turning your content into Pinterest graphics.

Stop worrying about what to post

Worrying on a daily basis about what to post to your social media channel can make you go MAD!

So why not let someone else plan out your entire monthly content in advance so you can get down to the business of…your business.

Buffer is my go-to tool for managing client channels. I can schedule stories, posts, videos for months in advance on a Pro version, or load up 2 weeks worth of content for 3 channels for FREE.

Buffer lets you post directly to Pinterest too!


If you’ve been managing your social media and content marketing, it can be hard to hand it over to someone else.

But, if you establish a good rapport, agree the brand guidelines and a workflow, then your brand content will be in good hands.

I love creating content for my clients, and finding new ways to showcase what they offer with inciteful or helpful blog posts, or captivating short-form videos.

Plus, the look of joy from a client that sees that their content is all scheduled for an ENTIRE month.

If you want to chat about my outsourced marketing support, just get in touch.