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It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security with social media and assume nothing can ever go wrong.

But things do go wrong – as we all learnt from the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage in October 2021.

The major 6-hour outage of Facebook/Instagram & WhatsApp resulted in some hilarious memes on Twitter, but it was very serious for others who solely rely on these platforms for their business.

Having all your marketing eggs in one social media basket is risky. So how can you give your business an extra layer of marketing security and grow your marketing presence online?

Diversify your online marketing strategy and boost your marketing presence.

A blackout like this was a good reminder that relying on just one channel to communicate with customers can be risky.

Diversifying your online presence is not only a good strategy but could also act as security against future blackouts or issues on a specific platform or even hacking of your account.

Having an online presence outside of the Facebook-owned accounts could be a good way to future proof yourself.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Don’t neglect other platforms

You don’t have to be EVERYWHERE, but it helps to be on a non-Facebook platform as well.

Why not launch a Twitter account or start tweeting and engaging more.

Look at refreshing your LinkedIn profile, updating your header banner or asking past clients for recommendations.

You could also repurpose your content on LinkedIn and add your blogs to LinkedIn articles.

Utilise Google My Business

Share your updates and offers on Google My Business. This is a free tool to help promote your business.

Check out this blog post on 8 Ways to Use Google My Business for Your Small Business.

Also, ask customers for more reviews using the link in your Google My Business profile. These reviews are posted publicly.

Nurture your website

Searching online is where most people usually go to find services and products. But can you be found?

Check your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and LOCAL SEO. Listing on Yell and having a Google My Business profile can help with improving your local SEO.

Neil Patel has some helpful guides on this specialist area. You can also get plugins for WordPress websites that help check your SEO performance – like YOAST.

Refresh or start a blog

Review your blog posts and update them. Keeping them fresh can help boost SEO too!

Promote your blog posts on your social media platforms or create a Pin graphic for Pinterest using an online graphic design tool like Canva Pro.

Build up your email subscription lists

This is really the holy grail of marketing assets.

Your email subscription list – with consented prospects – are yours and yours alone to promote new services and products too in the future.

They are also not dependent on or tied to having an active social media account.

Open a Pinterest business account

Pinterest graphics, unlike other social media graphics, can directly link to your website blog post or product pages.

Just make sure you don’t repetitively pin to the same website page and focus on creating Fresh Pins that link to new content.

Need help crafting your content or writing blog posts…send me a message and let’s have a chat.

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