Is it just me, or are things looking a little…SAMEY!

As I’m creating content for my clients, I’m finding that increasingly every platform is offering the same type of content formats.

The popular bite-sized TikTok portrait video is now available on Instagram as Reels.

Twitter now does a version of Instagram Stories as a Fleet. Instagram got its Stories idea from Snapchat. Then Pinterest has Idea Pins. A sort of Reel/Story/Snapchat mashup – but they are permanent.

Now Clubhouse’s success seems to be catching the interest of Facebook with its upcoming Live Audio Rooms and soundbites.

It’s enough to make your head spin. Oh wait – it is spinning.

Whoever seems to be gaining traction, the other platforms quickly rush to create similar platform adjustments to their format offerings.

Now Pinterest is expanding into Live Events.

When you look at Axios’ research table, it’s hard to deny a convergence going on.


What does this mean for businesses promoting content?

From the perspective of a content creator, however, this isn’t all bad.

It means that I can create one square image or video and a portrait version and essentially spread or repurpose it across the other social channels.

But will your customer’s see through this, or blink and miss your carefully choreographed Reel?

Use each social media platform effectively

Each platform still has its uniqueness and its own unique community too.

That uniqueness should help differentiate your approach and cut through the noise.

Twitter excels at short-form conversations and text-only tweets. Community hours where like-minded individuals come on to Twitter at a set time can be a great way of experiencing and getting involved in a community that is not dependent on an algorithm showing you the right content.

Etsy Hour.png

Instagram, despite all the dancing Reels and memes, is still about great photography and sharing your lifestyle. If your business has something visual to show, then show it – but keep it high quality, well composed, well formatted and use your photos where possible.

Pinterest too is great for collating content that matters and will be inspirational/aspirational for your unique customers. Curating boards which match their interest is a great way of showing your credentials and establishing your brand identity.

Creating content that has a longer lifespan

I like to focus on content that has a longer lifespan, so blogs and Pinterest Pins. But you could also look at long-form videos for YouTube or host a podcast.

Repurpose and Cross Post

You can even increase the lifespan of your content by repurposing and cross-posting. Your Instagram Carousel could be resized and repurposed into a SlideShare or Video presentation, or a Pinterest Idea pin.

Stories can become Idea Pins on Pinterest or a Fleet.

Reels can also become Idea Pins or YouTube Shorts.


Even if all the platforms are converging, does it matter? Perhaps not.

As a business, you can take advantage of this by appealing to different communities on each platform.

You also have more channels for your existing content through re-sharing or re-purposing.

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