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Hey I’m Julietta.

I’m a copywriter…and more, based in Northern Ireland.

I’ve had a pretty varied career up to now, but it’s all culminated to help me be an effective content marketer and copywriter for your business.

I’m a generalist that can help you strategise, find efficiencies, improve your content and create graphics and video too!

I love how the words I write can move people, make you cry, make you laugh
and make you buy!

If you want me on your team, let’s talk.

Background in research

I started my working life in radio marketing as a editorial producer. I used to speak to all the UK stations at least once a week! I also spent an interesting session with Keith Floyd doing on-air wine tasting for an entire day!

After that, I did a brief stint in the US, and spent time working as a researcher for a foreign policy think tank and a market researcher in the Philadelphia Tourist Centre!

More research…and directing!

I think got a job on the BBC researcher trainee scheme and spent a year working in the News centre in Manchester across shows like 4×4 with Fiona Bruce and Panorama. I then moved to the Religion & Ethics department and spent some really great years working on documentaries and The Heaven & Earth Show with Gloria Hunniford.

Best moments include running around the Pope’s observatory with Myleene Klass, interviewing Gene Wilder and sampling traditional beverages with Simon Calder in the middle of Fermanagh!!


Coaching & consultin

I then had a panic attack that I should be doing something to earn LOTS of money so switched careers.

I spent a very intense 5 years in the corporate world at Accenture, a global Management Consulting firm.

But I did some fascinating projects like massive banking mergers and aquisitions (I even had a pin stripe suit!) I learnt how to manage large scale change transformations and how to train people to adopt new ways of working and new software.

All these strategy, planning and coaching skills I acquired definitely come in handy today.

Plus I am a JEDI MASTER at excel 😂

…and then into Marketing 

I then had my first child and we moved to Australia for a bit. We then relocated to Northern Ireland.

I was then asked to help out at a friend’s marketing company and found I absolutely loved it.

I could be strategic, creative and coach all at the same time. I learned how to build websites, compile marketing plans, write SEO blog posts and more.


Content repurposing and going solo

I then went to work for my old Accenture boss, and now head of Content 10x, a content repurposing company. This period was incredible and I learned so much about podcasts, social media strategy, scheduling and of course repurposing.

Covid hit and I ended up working for myself, supporting old clients and then picking up new clients to do their social media management.

Today, I work for large marketing agencies in the UK as a copywriter as well as co-working with my friend Josh from HeyWP to deliver websites.

That’s me!

“I was so impressed with Julietta’s ability to
truly understand my business which operates in
quite a niche B2B sphere.

She was quickly able to articulate my message whilst maintaining my tone of voice. I’ve had lots of positive feedback from clients regarding my social media posts and I really feel the help has been invaluable!


Sarah Ferguson Agencies
Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Who I’ve worked with

Want to work with me?

I specialise in writing specialist factual content for businesses.

I’ve got a good grounding in most industries but if I don’t, then I’m great at quickly absorbing information.

  • Certified copywriter with a CMP Diploma in Copywriting

  • Hubspot SEO Certified

  • CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) – ACIM Member

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