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To succeed in social media – be like a the CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Netflix character.


I’m totally hooked on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 💔on Netflix 🎥 by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna.⠀

It’s a musical comedy where they rip off every musical genre as the ex-girlfriend undertakes her crazy scheme to win back her boyfriend. ⠀


Basically, Rebecca has a childhood sweetheart that she bumps into years later when she’s a miserable lawyer in New York. He tells her he lives in West Covina in California – so she moves to be near him – without him knowing that’s why.⠀

All the episodes basically cover up the fact she is stalking him. ⠀

When it comes to social media marketing, we need a touch of the crazy ex-girlfriend about us.

💔Be persistent and show up

Post regularly on Instagram. It doesn’t matter so much that you are posting every day, but that you post consistently. The algorithm will learn when you typically post. So if you can commit to 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – commit to that.

If you are on Twitter – more is better as the platform moves VERY fast. Try and vary your content. Go for a mix of promotional, educational, engaging and just for fun posts.

Check out this post for more tips on How to Launch Your Business on Twitter and what to post on Twitter as a business.

How to Launch Your Business on Twitter - What you need to get started and how to find people to follow.

💔 Vary your tactics

Try to vary our content to keep engagement. Give your followers a reason to follow you with fresh new content and varied formats.

So why not mix up your static image feed posts and use video, GIFs or even Animated text. Canva Pro allows you to create animated graphics that you can download as either an MP4 Video or a GIF for social media. Plus you can also schedule directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest from Canva itself!!!

Try Canva Pro for free for 30 days with this link.

For Stories/Fleets – why not try showing people behind the scenes or running polls or asking questions.

💔 Have a strategy

Come up with masses of hair-brained schemes and content to attract your boyfriend/customer back!

Check that your content has strong Call to Actions – telling your customer exactly what to do next.

Check that your content leads to a service of product you offer.

Check that your content is based on your core offerings.⠀

💔Try, test, and repeat your mad-capped schemes until something sticks.

Check your analytics. There are powerful analytic tools built into all the social media platforms, so check out what’s performing well and what isn’t.

For content that has done well, could you reuse it or rework it at all? Could it be transformed into a blog post or an e-book, or an automated email series? ⠀

💔Create content your boyfriend/customer will like

You need to show that you are the best alternative to their other supplier/shop because you REALLY listen, look better, care about them better.


Write blogs that answer a question WAY better than other people do. Pack it full of informative graphics or content upgrades. ⠀

💔Tell your customer you love them ALL the time

Remind your customer that you have the solution to their problem and that you can help – BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!

Empathise with their problems in your social copy.

Explain why you have the answer.

Don’t just tell them that you are great at customer service – tell them exactly what you do. Do you do follow up calls, add little extras in their basket, provide tuition or give timely updates on their shipping?

💔Boast about your exes / other customers

Share the love you’ve received from other customers on your social platforms. Give your next customer the social proof they need to convince them to buy from you.

Show them that you deliver.

Show them that you have tangible results.

Prove to them that you are the best!



It takes a lot of CRAZY energy to be consistent and active on social media!!!

But by having a regular posting strategy and batching content and using Canva Pro to create engaging graphics, videos and animations you can help manage your presence and increase your reach.

Why not try using Facebook Business Suite to pre-schedule your social content for both Facebook and Instagram. You can even post carousel posts (up to 10 images) and videos. Plus you can schedule content up to 2 months in advance. Imagine not having to worry about social for 2 months!!!! (Don’t forget engagement though).

If you use Pinterest, why not try using Tailwind to automate your Pin scheduling and re-pinning Evergreen content. Tailwind is a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner so the platform helps ensure your pins stay within Pinterest pinning guidelines.

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