Make your business come alive with a video marketing strategy.

In this post, I’ll give you 8 suggestions for how you can utilise video that will showcase your business, convey your passion and convince your customers.

Why is video marketing such a powerful tool?

Video marketing is such a powerful tool for your business. Why?

  • It’s immersive

  • It’s emotive

  • It’s empathetic

  • It’s escapist

  • It’s digestible 

  • It’s humanizing

  • It’s memorable

Video is just hands down easier to consume and requires less brain power than reading. 

It also creates a connection with your customer that an ad or a static post could never do.

Girls being videoed and displayed on a mobile phone.

Why is video important on social media? 

You’ve heard that content is king in terms of getting you found in search. Well, video content would be the emperor! 

The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video. It conveys so much more information in a much quicker period. So actually the trend helps us to digest much more information

Nicola Mendelsohn – Facebook Executive (Quartz)

Check out some of these stats:

  • Customers will spend an estimated 100 minutes a day watching video

  • 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI

  • Video gets better reach and engagement as the algorithms favour video over posts

  • 6 out of 10 people would prefer to watch video online than television. (Google)

  • By 2022, 82% consumer internet traffic will be video

  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google

  • Facebook predicts the text will go into a sharp decline by 2022 (Quartz)

  • 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others. (Wordstream)

Video marketing is only going to get more popular as people are changing the ways they interact and experience brands in the wake of the pandemic.

  • Webinar was for obvious reasons massively popular in 2020 for training and education and will increase
  • Short-form videos will grow
  • TikTok and Reels will carve out their own unique spaces (especially with Instagram declaring that it will not promote Reels with TikTok watermarks
  • More brands will harness Augmented Reality (AR) to promote their products
  • Shoppable videos  will become the norm
  • Shoppertainment storytelling videos where you can click during the video ad to purchase

What are the benefits of using video on social media? 

There’s no doubt that being social and visible on social media can help increase your reach, but if you add a video to that mix, you are increasing your visibility on video dominant channels and boosting SEO too.

Video also grabs people’s attention as they are scrolling through their feed.

Video also helps build trust with your audience. It’s much better to hear and see someone explaining their business than just reading text.

Video short-cuts the know, like, trust journey and gets prospects to the customer stage quicker!

Having someone explain what’s so great about a product and service when you can see their passion and the whites of their eyes is much more powerful than a static ad.

How can you use Video media for your business?

1. Video Adverts

Instead of a promotional graphic, why not try a video advert instead? There are lots of easy to use online tools like Biteable, Promo and Animoto that have pre-formatted advert templates that you can quickly customize.

They don’t have to be epic affairs with a full production crew. Your advert can just simply show off your service or product. Check out this simple one from Hello Fresh! It was enough to convince me to buy!

2. Video testimonials or reviews

Sharing your customer testimonials on social media is great! But sharing a customer video is EVEN BETTER!

Start asking for videos from happy customers.

Or make it super simple, by using a tool like Videoask and VocalVideo where you send a link to customers to submit their testimonials.

3. Interviews with clients

What about an extended case study style interview with clients?

You could interview your clients to find out about their situation, the task they needed completing, the actions that went into making it and what the result was.

Mailchimp does mini-documentaries with their clients to showcase their service with storytelling.

4. Demonstrate a product/service

Video is great for demonstrating a product or explaining how a new feature can be used or explain how some software works.

You can cut through the complicated and wordy explanations and just show what you mean instead.

5. Show your process

I cannot get enough of “process” style videos. You know the ones – where people make something, craft something or do some very satisfying process. I could watch doughnuts being made and precision engineering all day long.

6. Take customers behind the scenes

Show what happens behind the scenes of making your product.

Build trust and empathy by showing how things really work.

Take a look at @jacklaverickceramics and @kimjoysktchen for examples (although very highly polished ones!)

7. Live stream 

There is nowhere to hide in live. But that’s precisely what makes it so great. You can instantly demonstrate to your customer your value, your expertise and your passion.

Plus, you can get real-life interaction with your customers and find out what it is THEY want and need.

Try live Q&As, live demos, virtual events, live tutorials, conferences, or training?

I like Hunkydory Crafts’ shoppable live demo videos.

Check out Facebook’s live page for inspiration. Or check out Facebook Live Queen, Mari Smith.

8. Promote user generated content

Why not try promoting a user-generated video of customers using your product/service.

Netflix is amazing at this, and frequently retweets user’s gifs, images or videos related to its content.

Give it a go and see what video does to your engagement.

Have you seen an uplift when using video?

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