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It can be the most overlooked page of your website. But it’s vitally important to CONVERTING visitors to CUSTOMERS.

So check now, is your contact page inviting contact?

When writing web copy, I really like to focus on the contact page….as this is where you get your real leads!!!

So beyond your contact details, how do you make your contact page really accessible?

Add visuals to your contact page

Are there images that you can include that convey it’s a contact page, or showcase your brand personality?

The Design Museum and Patagonia have achieved this very well.

DEsign Museum.png

If you are running out of images to use, try using Canva Pro, where you get access to over 75+ premium stock images and can easily make web graphics and even web pages!

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2. Show your customer who they are contacting on your contact page

If you are a larger business, try showing your team or your office space.

Show people who they’ll contact to make that personal connection and break down the barrier between you and your customer.

3. Give your customers alternate ways to contact you

Give people alternative ways to contact you that’s not just email or telephone.

I personally would rather email or message someone that pick up the telephone. What about using:

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook Messenger

  • DM to Instagram or Twitter

4. Personalise your copy on your contact page

Does it sound like you or your business?

5. Give your customers suggestions of topics they could ask about

Sometimes we lack the information we need on a website and we need to make human contact.

Adding suggestions of things customers could ask you, could give them that additional push to reach out.

Slack Contact Page.png

6. Collect all the relevant information you need from the customer

Gathering key details in the contact form will help make that first contact with your customer much better.

Carousel Lights.png

7. Answer any FAQs

While you may want the contact. You don’t want contact for very simple to answer questions.

Why not include a link to your FAQ page, or provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Equinox gyms do this very subtly on their Contact page.

8. Add a map…and some directions to your contact page

Let your customer know how to find you and add some directions. This content will help with your local SEO too!

I like seeing the shopfront of Superga on their contact page.


9. Have a call to action that prompts a call

Even on your contact page, you need a call to action (CTA) – a phrase that convinces someone to make the contact, book, order or start a relationship.

I love the short directness of OH Marketing’s Contact page.

OH marketing.png

10. If they’re not ready to contact give them somewhere else to go

If your visitor isn’t quite ready to contact you yet, then give them some other content that might convince them.

You could try adding some links to useful blog posts, or case studies for example.

11. Provide more social proof

Why not add in another short customer testimonial. Give your visitor more evidence and credentials about how amazing you and your business are.


You’ve got so much opportunity on your Contact Page to convince people to contact you.

Don’t overlook this page when you’re crafting your web copy.

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