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What is a brand kit?

It’s basically a guide about how content is created for your business.

Elmfield Brand Guidelines & Social Media Pack - May 2021.png

In it, you should define:

  • Your business logo – how it can be used, alternative versions, and how not to use it

  • Your typography – what font you use for your headers, sub-headers and body text

  • Your colour palette – what your brand colours are and how and where they are used
  • Your brand messages – how do you talk about the business, what phrases and slogans do you use

  • Your mission – this is helpful to include even for solopreneurs so you have a reminder about what you do. This short elevator pitch can be handy when creating social media bios or PR boilerplate statements

  • Your vision – this is what you want to achieve in 5-10 years. For larger businesses this is helpful to nail down from a cultural perspective so that you all know what you’re working towards. But it’s also helpful as a baseline for writing marketing content too

  • Your images – what types of images will you use, bright and light, dark and moody, black and white only?

  • Your icons – these may be icons you use on your website for buttons or on social media

  • Your social media templates – I like to include this when creating brand packs, so the company knows what style they will use for the various social media platforms. It also demonstrates how the brand colours, logos and typography are uses in social media content. Consider including guidelines and formats for Stories, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

The Science Room - Brand Pack (1).png

Example of a brand kit and YouTube social media templates made in Canva by JFWMarketing

Why is a brand kit important?

If you are in a business with more than one person, then it’s super important to make sure everyone knows how to communicate with customers, and how to present the company to the outside world.

The Science Room - Brand Pack.png

A brand kit ensures everyone knows the core messages and branding to keep a consistent look and feel across your website, PR materials, social media, internal documents, client documents and anywhere else your talk about your company.

Again, if you are a solopreneur, a brand kit is a great way of helping you really think about what it is you offer, your value proposition and how you will position and show yourself in your marketing.

How do I make a brand kit?

Canva has lots of brand kit templates you can edit yourself.

To try Canva Pro for free to get access to 75+ million images then check out my link here.

Brand guidelines example showing colour palette for a company with HEX, CMYK and RGB colour codes.

If you want a comprehensive brand kit template that covers mission, vision, brand personality as well as your logo, colour palette, typography and icons, then check out my Etsy Store.

For custom brand packs, just give me a call or send me a message.

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