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Pinterest is used by bloggers and businesses to point people to their products and blog pages.

However, some accounts were pinning the SAME image EXACT image over and over again to the SAME LINKS to increase the chance of being seen by more people.

Well Pinterest, quite rightly, has decided that that repetitive pinning of the same pins has to stop and are actively discouraging spammy behaviour and suspending accounts.

Spammy behaviour includes overly repetitive pinning. This includes pinning the “same Pin” which links to the same link.

In 2020, Pinterest made some updates that were all about encouraging new, fresh, content on the platform and promoting fresh pins.

This was essentially to stop people from pinning the same Pin over and over again in different boards.

What is a fresh pin?

“Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that they haven’t seen before.

You can create several images that link to the same blog post, page, or product listing, and each of those would be fresh when saved to Pinterest for the first time.


Just changing the headline slightly or moving a graphic a bit to the left will not constitute a fresh pin.

Tailwind explains what would not be considered a Fresh Pin here.

The following changes would NOT be considered creation of a Fresh Pin:

Pinning the same image and changing the Pin title, Pin description or alt text. Making small, imperceptible changes to an image that has already been Pinned before (for example, shifting your background image a few pixels or moving your logo slightly to try to “fool” Pinterest into thinking it’s a Fresh Pin.


These would not constitute fresh pins

So a fresh pin needs to be NEW content – new images, headlines and backgrounds, keywords and description. The freshest of pins – will be a completely new image to a NEW web page.

If you can honestly look at your pin and say – yes my user will see that as a fresh pin – then pin away.

The downside is that it is more work.

But tools like Canva and Tailwind Create can help.

How to create fresh pins for your content

When I create a blog post, I tend to use Canva to create five or six unique Pinterest graphics which I schedule to Pinterest using Tailwind with links back to my original content.

For each graphic, I cover all my bases and make sure they:

  • Have a unique image that is attractive to pinners

  • Have a strong title – and a varied title

  • An interesting sub-title if relevant

  • Different background colours

I like using Canva to create my Pinterest graphics as I can easily use the magic resize tool to convert them to Instagram Stories, Idea Pins or Reel content. Canva Pro also gives you access to millions of stock photos, videos, audio and graphics, free templates and the ability to create animations and GIFs. Try out the Canva pro version , free for 30 days for you here.

Once I’m happy with my pins, I then schedule them into Tailwind with unique descriptions and unique alt text too.

I also make sure that these pins are spread out over a few weeks onto relevant boards.

If I’m pinning into the same board, I wait at least 7 days before pinning again. (Don’t pin more than 25 pins a day!)

If you’re using Tailwind Smart Loops it will prevent you having any spammy behaviour.


Using Tailwind Create to create Fresh Pins

Pinterest has a Tailwind Create section that instantly designs branded images for you. Just tell Tailwind your brand colours, text and logo and it will create a series of pins based on your content and any images you have.


Some of these look very different, so I think that these will qualify as a fresh pin. Tailwind has a disclaimer that you should always check Pinterest best practices.

But with 5 unique designs like these, they seem to meet the criteria.


Phew – lovely fresh pins for my blog post.

Can you pin fresh content but to an existing URL?

There’s no definitive answer on this.

Pinterest guru, Louise Myers suggests spacing out pins that link to the same URL by at least a week.

Pinterest says they prioritize new URLs….I would not pin to the same URL more than once a day at most. Nor would I repeat the same pin after it’s gone to all relevant boards. Pinning a LOT less seems to be most effective now.

There are no hard and fast rules however, so keep checking your performance. The best advice is just to create more content and unique pins for each!


You can still create multiple Pin graphics for your content, however, make sure:

  • that your Pin graphics are totally unique (imagery, text, graphics, description and keywords)

  • that you space out pins that link to the same URL

  • Wait at least 7 days before pinning into the same board

But above all – always aim for producing fresh content!