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Whether you like them or hate them quotes work. Some people have made their entire business just on the back of sharing powerful quotes.

But should you use quotes for your business marketing?

Coming up with content ideas can be hard, that’s why many influencers and companies use motivational quotes in their content strategy to help fill a gap.

But quotes can be a great addition to your marketing strategy.


  • Quotes are highly shareable

  • Quote draw on your emotions and connect with customers – even if they can be a bit corny.

  • Quotes are massively popular on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest Quotes.png

Behind every corny line there’s a human that has lifted or crafted it – and it turns out that inspiration is a highly lucrative industry

Wired Magazine

Here’s what I think.

Use quotes if your quotes are:

  1. Relevant to your customer

  2. Help showcase your brand identity

  3. Allow you to share timely, thoughtful content

  4. Sharable

  5. Used strategically to start conversations or showcase your product / service

If you can answer yes to these, then go ahead and use them in your business marketing strategy.

But don’t overuse them.

Here are some suggestions of how to use quotes effectively.

Always attribute the source of your quote

If you are going to use famous quotes, make sure you credit the author. I like using Goodreads as a source for quotes as they are usually validated by the wider community. You can also see which ones are the most popular by likes.


Use motivational quotes to empathise with your customer’s pain points

Motivational quotes are often used by businesses to empathise with their customer’s pain points. This is helpful for attracting attention, but only if you can then lead customers to your solution/product/service as being the answer.

I particularly love @minaa_b’s use of quotes as Carousel posts.

They are also well branded as well, maintaining consistency across her feed.

Use your own quotes

Have some fantastic insight? Then use that and feature your own quote.

Amy Landino does this well, using a Twitter format for her Instagram posts.

Add your custom branding

Make sure you use your own brand colours and logo and put your stamp on a well known quote.

Even better use your own photography to really make a mark.

Try Video or Animated Quotes

Video is the number one format for all the social channels right now, so why not turn your motivational quote into a video instead.

You could use a video creation tool like Biteable which has preformatted templates you can use. That means with 0 video editing skills, you can create a masterpiece. I made this one in about 4 minutes flat!!!!


Or why not try online graphic design tool, Canva and choose from a wide range of Quote graphic templates that you can customize with your own font, logo and brand colours.

If you are on the Canva Pro version, you can animate words, or just sections, or even add animated stickers.

I made this one by selecting “Typewriter” animation on the quote text alone.


If you sign up to Canva Pro, you can get access to 2 million free stock photos, can upload your own fonts and create animations and GIFs to use in your custom graphic. You can also use the magic resize tool and resize your quote graphic for every social platform. Try Canva Pro for free for 30 days by clicking on this link.

Use motivational quotes as a conversation starter with your followers

Thought-provoking quotes can be a great way to initiate a conversation. I like this one from Phil M Jones, author of Exactly What to Say, who uses his own quote.


Quotes can be a great way to connect with customers and increase your reach, especially if you are using your own quotes!

Give it a try and check your analytics and see what quotes can do for you.

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