You’ve planned everything to death, your social media is scheduled, your contributors are booked and your location is ready, but have you booked your event photographer?

If you are an event manager or community planner having professional photos can also help you with content for press coverage, engagement on social media and promoting your future events too.

Below I’ve listed twelve reasons why hiring an event photographer can be so beneficial for capturing your event.

  1. Capturing the most important moments of the event: A professional photographer will ensure that those key and memorable moments of your event are captured in the best way possible.

    Top tip. Create a shot list to give to your photographer that includes the key moments that you want captured on the day. This will ensure that you get what you want and need.
  2. Technical expertise: Professional photographers know how to adjust settings on their camera for different lighting situations and can produce high-quality images regardless of the conditions.

    If you’ve got an event that is half inside and half outside then having a professional photographer on hand will give you peace of mind that you’ve got your shots in the bag.
  3. Experience: Professional photographers have extensive experience in covering events, which means that they know what’s coming, where to be and how to get the best pictures.

    Top tip: Look for photographers who have had good reviews, especially in dealing with the public. You want a photographer who is able to coax the best shots from people.
  4. Creative approach: Professional photographers bring a fresh perspective to events, often seeing moments or angles that other people might not consider.

    Top tip: Ask to see a portfolio of images to see what the photographer’s style is. Does their style match what you want?
  5. Equipment and backup: Professional photographers have access to high-quality equipment and always have backup gear to ensure nothing is missed.

    Top tip: Having a shot list prepared to discuss with your photographer will help them plan what equipment to bring. They will need to decide what camera lenses to bring depending on your needs.
  6. Unobtrusive presence: Professional photographers know how to be present without being intrusive and can capture candid moments without disrupting the event.

    Top tip: Ask your photographer to do a recce with you before the event to discuss the best places to capture shots where they wont get in the way of the action.
  7. High-quality images: Professional photographers can produce high-quality images that can be used in both print and digital formats.

    Top tip: Be clear with your photographer about what format you need your final photos in. Some things to think about:

    * Do you need a lot of portrait photos for social media or wide angle for the press?

    * What size do your photos need to be in? Do they need to be high-resolution for billboards? Or smaller size for social and blogs.
  8. Brand consistency: Professional photographers are able to deliver a consistent style throughout the event coverage, creating a polished finished product that fits in with your event branding.

    Top tip: Check in with your photographer before the event to discuss style. Do you want backgrounds to be soft focus? Big wide shots or intimate details?
  9. Post-production expertise: Professional photographers have the expertise to edit and fine-tune images to create the perfect final product.

    Top tip: Be clear about what look you want to achieve with your final photos. Do you want dark and moody or light and bright?
  10. Increased engagement: Professionally taken images can help create buzz on social media and increase engagement through likes, shares and comments.

    Top tip: Ask your photographer to take shots of the public, then in a social media post ask people to see if they can spot themselves!
  11. Long-term value: Professional images captured at an event can be used for years to come, creating long-term value.

    Over the years we’ve learned how important it is to capture photos that are timeless. That means avoiding shots with the year on branding.
  12. Return on investment: Investing in professional photography provides long-term ROI with high-quality imagery that can be reused in future promotional material.

Booking professional event photography will give you assets you can use to enhance your online presence on the day. It will also give you a stock of material for future promotional materials, social media posts, and website content.

Need event photography for your next event in Northern Ireland? Send an enquiry here.

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