If you are looking to increase your reach on Twitter, it’s important to create an effective, yet manageable plan.

It’s possible to dramatically boost your reach and increase followers by just investing a small amount of time each day.

Here is a 15-minute Twitter growth strategy you can use to increase your reach on Twitter:

  1. Engage with others
  2. Find and follow new accounts
  3. Schedule tweets in advance
  4. Check-in with Twitter chats
  5. Check your Twitter Analytics

Engage with others

Take a few minutes each day to reply to tweets and messages, retweet interesting content, and participate in Twitter chats. This will help you build relationships and increase your reach.

Remember to toggle your Twitter timeline to display “For You” and “Following” for a chronological feed view. This makes sure you don’t just see accounts you regularly interact with, but other people’s posts.

Use Direct Messages

Direct messages (DM) are a great way to have more personal conversations with other users. You can use DMs to introduce yourself, ask questions, or offer help. Or just welcoming new followers.

Engage with your top followers

Your Twitter analytics will also tell you who your biggest followers were each month, so it’s also worth looking through this list to re-engage with them.

Respond to tweets.

Take the time to respond to tweets that catch your attention. This shows that you’re paying attention and helps to build relationships.

A well-placed comment on an influencer’s Twitter account in your niche can also help you show up to other people.

Retweet interesting content

Retweeting relevant content from other users is a great way to show your followers that you’re actively engaged in the conversation.

Find and follow new accounts

Twitter will tell you accounts to potentially follow, but always look for people yourself. Try searching by hashtag or looking in other account follower lists.

Don’t just hit the follow button to increase your reach on Twitter. If people don’t regularly check their notifications, your follow may go unnotices.

Instead, follow, but also Like their recent posts and leave a meaningful comment.

Go a step further and add a notifications. That way when they tweet again, you can show up and start building on that relationship.

Add notifications for accounts by clicking on the bell icon

Schedule tweets in advance

Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets in advance. Or just use Twitter’s own scheduling function.

Make sure to space content throughout the day. Tweets only last 18 minutes!

That way you can stay present on the app even when you’re busy elsewhere. This will keep up your consistency.

It’s important to schedule some content for times when you will be online and available to engage further with other users who may respond or interact.

Check-in with Twitter chats

related to your theme or industry. Not only will this help you keep up with current trends but also build relationships that can help you foster further reach and engagement on Twitter!

Twitter chats are online conversations that take place at a specific time and use a specific hashtag. Find chats relevant to your industry or niche and participate in the conversation.

Check your Twitter analytics

To increase your reach on Twitter, it’s important not to overlook your analytics.

Analyzing your Twitter analytics allows you to see detailed data about the performance of tweets, such as impressions, engagement rate, retweets, likes and clicks.

Take a few minutes each day to assess what content or topics are performing well for you.

This data can help you plan out future strategies by providing insight into which topics are proven to drive more engagement and which ones may need some work.

My secret top tip for increasing your reach on twitter?

Love the platform.

Give it attention and check in daily

On my gardening account, I log on for 15 minutes in the morning – usually around 6am, as that’s when us gardener’s are up and about. I chat with regular contacts, post something relevant to a twitter chat for that day, or update about the garden.

I also check who’s followed me and either follow back with comments or retweet with an insightful thought.

If I have time, I check in again in the afternoon and reply to comments, look through Twitter’s suggestions of people to follow and log out.

This has helped me grow to just under 5k followers with around 100k tweet impression a month for the last 6 months.

Feed it regularly with original content. Share the love with retweets and just embrace what makes the platform so great.

Not every tweet has to be overly crafted with graphics. Sometimes just asking a question to your community is enough.


To grow your reach on Twitter it’s about more than just sending out tweets.

It’s about building relationships and becoming an active participant in the conversation. So, take the time to respond, retweet, and participate in conversations with other users.

Ultimately, getting familiar with Twitter analytics is essential to identify opportunities and capitalize on them in order to grow your reach on the platform.

By following these simple steps and spending just 15 minutes a day on Twitter, you can grow your reach and build a strong, engaged audience. Remember, consistency is key, so make sure to set aside a little bit of time each day to focus on your Twitter presence.

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