Ok, it’s nearly 2023. We’ve been beaten over the head with the message that it’s all about short-form video…so do blogs for your small business really matter?

Hell yes!

Here’s why blogs are still relevant in 2023…

Are blogs still relevant for your business in 2023? businesswoman holding a takeaway cup of coffee and looking into the distance with a laptop on her knee and mobile phone on a bench beside her.
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Blogs are still relevant in 2023, because people are still searching for answers.

I and all your customers still use search.

We will probably always use search.

Your customers will ask Google (other search engines are available believe it or not) for answers.

Customers will Google lens to find answers.

Your customers will ask questions on YouTube and hope they get returned with the answer.

If your website doesn’t have the answer then your customers are unlikely to find you.

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Your business blog helps demonstrate your authority to customers

A blog can also help demonstrate your business’s authority and relevance to customers.

Why not comment on industry news and trends in a blog, giving your take on the world?

Blogs can demonstrate your authority to search engine bots

Blogs can be an effective tool for demonstrating your expertise and authority in a field, which is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO).

When you create regular blog posts on key topics related to your business or industry, it signals to search engines that you are a credible source of information.

Why not boost your authority even further by asking experts in your field to do a guest post for you?

For example, a recruitment agency regularly interviews CEOs in a blog post series to find out what they are looking for in future employees. Such a great lateral-thinking idea for posts.

Also, blogs offer the opportunity to link out to other trusted sources in your niche, which helps further illustrate your knowledge base.

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Blogs offer an opportunity for you to connect with your customer

Blogs offer a much more intimate connection between author and reader that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

They are also a way to help connect your small business to your clients and customers and stay engaged with existing ones.

You could consider turning a case study into a longer blog post for example or expanding on FAQs in a post.

People still desire to read stories, engage in dialogue, and create relationships with others – all of which can be accomplished through blogging.

Posting regular blog posts show search engine algorithms that your site has fresh content

Search engine algorithms often favour websites that add fresh content over those that don’t, so adding blog posts can help you rank higher in search.

Regularly updating your website with new content also encourages repeat visits from readers. If you are providing regular value-packed blogs then people will have to keep coming back!

Or even better, sign up for your newsletter.

Image from Ono Kosuki from Pexels


In 2023, blogging will continue to remain relevant as part of your wider content marketing strategy.

Even with all the content “noise” out there, blogging is still worth it.

As long as people continue to crave information and connection, blogs will always have a place on the web.

You just need to be on top of creating it, promoting it and optimising for SEO.

So should you keep blogging in 2023? Absolutely yes. Just keep adapting your small business blog to the changing needs of readers. Keep providing valuable insight and acting as a resource for your clients and customers.